Harry Potter takes over at Purbrook Park School

ON THURSDAY March 7, Purbrook Park School turned into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as it celebrated World Book Day.

By Literacy Leaders team
Friday, 26th April 2019, 5:25 pm
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 5:28 pm
Staff take on the role of characters from the Harry Potter series.
Staff take on the role of characters from the Harry Potter series.

A team of pupils organised events across break and lunchtime and teachers taught themed lessons based around the Harry Potter book series.

From creating moving ‘holographic’ wizard cards in technology, to playing quidditch in PE, pupils were able to experience the world of these extremely popular novels, in real life. Thanks to the hardworking teachers, the day was a great success. The staff and pupils enjoyed celebrating reading and were able to highlight why it is still so important that we pick up books.

‘Books take us to places that we may never experience in real life. They allow us to go on adventures, meet new people and face exciting or scary challenges. They teach us empathy and understanding and that is something worth celebrating,’ said Mrs Morrison-Johnson, the Literacy co-ordinator at Purbrook Park School.

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But it wasn’t just a serious day, reminding pupils that they should try to read for ten minutes every night, it was also fun.

Gareth Boyes, 14, said: ‘Mrs Williams, a learning support assistant, helped us to make Butterbeer which was delicious. It was nice to see everyone joining in. There was wand-making at break-time, a photo booth where you could become different characters from the books and even a sweet stall based around Honeydukes, which is basically a sweet shop in Diagon alley- an area of shops that Harry Potter visits.’ 

‘As a result of this day, I’ve started reading the books,’ he added.

First published in 1997, these novels are critically acclaimed and loved by many. As part of the celebration, teachers dressed as their favourite magical characters. The Headteacher, Paul Foxley, even donned a beard and a wig to take on the role of Dumbledore (the headteacher of Hogwarts). Pupils were delighted to see the staff invested in making the day successful.

‘Mrs Smith, our Dance teacher, was so amazing in her role as the villain Bellatrix Le Strange. She was genuinely scary walking around the school. She stayed in character all day which must have been exhausting,’ said Alex Knight, Year 9.

The celebration of books culminated in all pupils being given a World Book Day Book Token to spend on a book of their choice. Reading is still as important as it has ever been in the curriculum, and it is important that we continue to celebrate and encourage a love of books and literature.

To continue the momentum that this day created, the Literacy Leaders are now calling on pupils and adults in the community to “#BookItForward” by sharing the books they love on social media, as well as in person. What books have you read lately that you would recommend to a friend, family member or stranger? If you would like to contribute to our “BookItForward” wall, please send your recommendations of novels that have inspired you to [email protected]