Maths day at Portsmouth High School adds up to day of fun

Portsmouth High School hosted 12 primary and junior schools for a day of mathematical challenges.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:51 pm
From left, Amelia Cornish, 10, from Lyndhurst Junior School with Isabella Roberts, 15, from Portsmouth High School. Picture: Sarah Standing (190319-2458)

The visiting girls from Years 5 and 6 faced mathematics challenges covering numeracy, shape and space activities.

Paul Goldbrum, the head of mathematics at Portsmouth High School said: ‘It gives girls the chance to apply their mathematical skills to a wide range of differing challenges.

‘This stretches and develops their thinking to be able to see complex numbers in a different light.’

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From left, Anisa Rahman, 15, from Portsmouth High School with Shaiy Karadakh, 11, Jessica Evans, nine, Rim Abounasr, 10, and Linda Szalontai, nine, from Fernhurst Junior School. Picture: Sarah Standing (190319-2431)

The 12 schools that took part in the day included Cottage Grove, Emsworth, Fernhurst, Hambledon, Jessie Younghusband, Lyndhurst, Newbridge, Oakwood, Solent Juniors, St Jude’s, Westbourne House and Portsmouth High Prep School.

Laura Peterkin-Aldred, a teacher from Solent Junior School said: ‘This has been a lovely opportunity for strong and confident girls from across the city to come together to challenge themselves across a wide range of maths problems.’

Year 10 girls from Portsmouth High School were partnered with visiting schools, serving as the teams’ mentor.

Tilly Barker, 15, from Portsmouth High School said: ‘It was fun to get to know the girls and work with them.  The girls from Newbridge were really smart and it certainly challenged my maths.’

From left, Annalee Macfarlane, 15, from Portsmouth High School, with Ellie-Mai Clift, 10, and Lucy Burns, 11, from Emsworth Primary School. Picture: Sarah Standing (190319-2468)

The winning team from the day was Oakwood. Richard Bax, from Oakwood, said: ‘The girls have relished the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the interesting mathematical problems.  It has been a great event.’

The day included group rounds where participants had to collaboratively answer questions and relay rounds where basic algebra, amongst other skills, was required.

From left, Hadeel Al Lawati, nine, Abriti Ghmire, nine, Rowena Wandji, nine, and Deyana Thamseer, 10, from Cottage Grove Primary School. Picture: Sarah Standing (190319-2464)