Morelands Primary School becomes Harry Potter's Hogwarts for the day as Abi casts her magic

SNOT MAKING potions, polyjuice, lessons in expecto patronum and morphing into cats and dogs were just a few of the subjects on the timetable for the children of Morelands Primary School.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 1:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th June 2019, 12:52 pm
Young wizards, Katie Hale, eight, Lexi Kerens, nine, and Josh Evans, 10. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (260619-10)

Professor Snape patrolled the corridors and young wizards cast their spells to the backdrop of platform 9 ¾ as the school was transformed into Hogwarts for the day.

The transformation was all thanks to 10-year-old Abi Dutson who won a regional story writing competition on the theme of ‘mystical characters’.

Abi said: ‘The story was about a magical sword with a person trapped inside. A group of friends discover the sword and try to release the mystery prisoner.’

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Young wizards, Katie Hale, eight, Lexi Kerens, nine, and Josh Evans, 10. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (260619-10)

A massive Harry Potter fan, Abi arrived dressed as her favourite character, Hermione Granger.

‘I’ve read all the books and seen every movie. I really didn’t expect to win but today has been brilliant fun - particularly the potion-making lesson. It has really been like being part of Hogwarts,’ she said.

Abi got the chance to read her story to the whole school in a specially arranged assembly.

Katie Hale, eight, said: ‘I’m really happy that Abi won. It was brilliant and Professor Snape was really funny.’ 

Callan Durrant, left, and Charlie Essex take on the role of Hogwarts professors. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (260619-12)

The competition was run by Big Foot Arts Education with schools entering from across Hampshire, Sussex and the Isle of Wight. In addition to providing the resources to create Hogwarts, the company also sent actors to take on the roles of characters from the book. 

Professor Snape, aka Callan Durrant, said: ‘The main aim is to have fun but it’s also about inspiring children’s imagination and love of literature.’

Teacher and English co-ordinator, Amy Cooper, opened the competition to children in Year 4, 5 and 6 after seeing it on Facebook.

Amy said: ‘We’re so proud of Abi. There has been a buzz around the school and hopefully it will help inspire the children with their creative writing.’

Morelands Primary School, Widley, was turned into Harry Potter's Hogwarts for the day. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (260619-8)

Pupil, Lexi Kerens, nine, added: ‘I’ve been casting spells on my teachers. It was funny to see them dressed up. Miss Cooper had the best costume.’

Headteacher Alison Syred-Paul, added: ‘The children and staff have really helped to transform Morelands into Hogwarts. I’ve already had a number of children casting spells on me today.’   

Abigail Dutson, 10, whose story won the school a prize of being transformed into Hogwarts. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (260619-9)