Out of this world trip for Woodcroft Primary School

PUPILS had an out of this world experience after visiting the Science Centre and Planetarium.

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 9:32 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 9:32 am
Article author, Dominic Wojciechowski, inside a space suit.

The trip, which took place on Monday January 13, gave Year 5 pupils from Woodcroft Primary School the chance to learn lots about Space. Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is a science museum that teaches children about things including outer space, dinosaurs and how gravity works.

Pupils took part in fun activities involving space robots, a whirlpool, racing vehicles and wheelchair basketball.

There was also a planetarium in which pupils sat on huge seats that reclined back to view the layout of the galaxy.

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Children learnt that Jupiter has 79 moons, when you go to mars you can’t come back and some bright stars are actually planets. One interesting fact is that Jupiter is a protector of Earth because if meteoroids come then Jupiter will save us.

There was the chance to take part in interactive games and workshops including a laser game that taught pupils how to reflect heat. Students also completed a test to find out which colour to use in space which turned out to be gold as it reflects heat.

After the visit one pupil said: ‘This was an incredible day out because I learnt so many amazing facts about Space. I would recommend a school trip to all Year 5s out there’.