Praise for project teaching young people in Portsmouth area about true heroes

AN ORGANISATION teaching young people about the true heroes of society has received high praise.

Thursday, 15th March 2018, 5:29 am

In a letter to The Inspiration Federation, MP Damian Hinds, secretary of state for education, said they are doing outstanding work.

Led by former teacher Danny Glavin, from Fareham, the not-for-profit organisation holds events for youngsters in the town and in Portsmouth to learn about inspirational people in their community.

In his letter, Mr Hinds said: ‘It is fantastic to hear of the positive impact that The Inspiration Federation is having on young people.

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‘It is absolutely right that we should celebrate the outstanding work done by members of the armed forces, police, fire service, health services, and many others who serve their communities.

‘We want our young people to grow up to become well-rounded adults who contribute fully to society, and interacting with local professionals from all walks of life can only help support this aim.’

The Inspiration Federation provides education programmes to promote positive citizenship and social responsibilities in young people.

Using founder Danny’s experience as a teacher, they teach youngsters about inspirational people from both the past and the present.

Danny said: ‘While teaching I noticed the impact of the increasing “celebrity culture” and shallow values inherent in society.

‘Young people seemed so fixated upon idolising and emulating “celebrities”, and not enough was being done in schools to expose them to true inspirational people.

‘I wanted to help raise young people’s aspirations, learning about and exposing them to the true heroes around them, that make Great Britain great.’

Danny said it was great to hear from Mr Hinds, who is MP for East Hampshire, and know their work is appreciated.

He added: ‘It was lovely to hear from the secretary of state, acknowledging the contribution made by our organisation and the Heroes Day Programmes.

‘After founding The Inspiration Federation five years ago, we started working locally in a couple of schools in Portsmouth and Fareham.

‘I’m proud to see us making a difference nationally, working with thousands of young people in hundreds of schools across the country.’

Schools who want to get involved in The Inspiration Federation’s Heroes Day Programme should visit