Pupil 'suffered miscarriage' after having sex with Warblington School teacher who called it 'our baby,' jurors told

A TEACHER on trial accused of having sex with teenage pupils told one youngster who thought she’d suffered a miscarriage that it was ‘our baby,’ a court heard.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 3:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 4:09 pm
Sean Aldridge Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency

In a police video played at former assistant headteacher Sean Aldridge’s trial the woman - one of four complainants - said ‘the grooming started’ when she was at Warblington School and that the PE teacher had the ‘gift of the gab’.

Dad-of-two Aldridge, 37, of Edmund Road, Southsea, denies 28 charges against four pupils aged 13 to 16 between 2006 and 2012.

Giving evidence on the third day of his trial, the woman said she had a ‘real sensation in my lower abdomen’ while walking and she urgently needed the toilet.

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Sean Aldridge Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency

She said: ‘I remember texting him and saying this has just happened.

‘I’m sure it was a miscarriage, I’m positive it was a miscarriage and still to this day I’ve never seen anything like it before.

‘I remember him saying, being really sensitive about it calling it “our baby”. 

‘I remember once before we had a pregnancy scare. We met in Havant and he bought me a pregnancy test. I went to Havant library toilets. I remember him saying we’d have to get rid of it.’

She told jurors Aldridge had ‘got three different lives’ as he was known by Jacks and Jack Ridge, and would use two mobile phones to avoid being caught by his wife meeting her for sex.

The woman named five members of school staff she thought had suspicions. In the video shown to the jury today she admitted telling police in 2010, who had investigated, that nothing had gone on while she was a pupil.

Detailing how the pair had initially swapped texts that he turned sexual before they went on to have sex at ‘every opportunity’, she said he called her while pleasuring himself.

She said: ‘He’d ring so I could hear him,’ and added: ‘And that’s my sex life I suppose for ages.’

Jurors heard how years later as an adult she met one of the other complainants and talked about Aldridge but not in detail. She said: ‘Oh my god that’s exactly the same as me, all those patterns.’

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later looked on the school’s website and saw he was a senior teacher, thinking he was ‘going up and up with your career where I’m sat with a counsellor every week because I can’t understand why I’m upset and why I’m angry’.

The woman added: ‘I never thought I’d ever say anything to anyone because there was no reason but when I heard that I thought “you absolutely vile man, how could you do that?”.’

She said: ‘I don’t know how he sleeps at night.’

As she wept in the interview, she said: ‘You’ve ... me up and you don’t even realise it. You don’t understand how, you’ve not got a conscience - how could he?’

Aldridge denies sexual activity, telling police: ‘I am shocked by the allegations, they are simply untrue and did not happen. There is nothing more I can possibly say.’

The trial is due to last three weeks.