Should jewellery be banned in schools?

Different schools have different dress codes and rules for what you’re allowed to wear, including jewellery.

By Holly Chidgey from Crofton Secondary School
Thursday, 31st October 2019, 5:18 pm
Should pupils be allowed to wear jewellery in school?

Most schools don’t allow any jewellery, especially rings and extra earrings but is this fair?

When I put this to a teacher at Crofton School she explained it was to do with “the health and safety pupils“.

Despite this, fellow students had some opposing opinions.

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One student stated: ‘I think at PE times we should take it off, but other lessons it’s fine.’

Another student added: ‘I think we should be able to wear jewellery. It doesn’t distract from our learning.’

The responses were part of a survey in which 95 per cent of pupils said “yes, we should be allowed rings and earrings in school”.

Challenging the health and safety explanation, one student commented: ‘School is to prepare you for real life and in real life you’re allowed to wear rings.’

The consensus of pupils was that schools should focus on the education of students rather than their appearance and use of jewellery.