Student snapshot of contemporary living

TECHNOLOGY, maps and medicine are all timestamps that represent what modern life is like.

Friday, 27th October 2017, 6:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:02 pm
Rachel Barham with the time capsule and 'Jen' Shivjee, the Grounds Facility Team Manager at the school who was seconded to dig a deep hole for the time capsule Picture by: Malcolm Wells

Now, a student from Portsmouth High School has immortalised a snapshot of 2017 in a time capsule buried in the school ground.

Rachel Barham from Year 11 buried the time capsule last week, after being awarded a grant from winning a competition.

Rachel said: ‘I recently won a competition from the Copper Alliance for a poster I designed for the uses of copper in health and medicine.

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‘I used the £500 prize money to fund a time capsule.

‘Many of my year group signed up to be involved and contribute something to the capsule. Without giving too much away we have buried a selection of items that represents our society in 2017, including front pages of The News and national newspapers, logos of iconic 21st century brands, small items of technology, maps and even some pharmaceutical items.

‘We have agreed to come back to school in about 50 years’ time to dig up the capsule and to see how much history has changed over the years.

‘It will also be a chance for us all to get together again and remember our school days.’

Headteacher Jane Prescott said: ‘The girls at the school have a great sense of the past as we often have our alumnae into school to talk about careers and their school experiences.

‘By burying this cache of items in a time capsule, Rachel is creating a piece of history which will not only be exciting for her and her classmates to dig up in years to come, but also for all the pupils of Portsmouth High School who will follow in her wake.’