Ten reasons why St Edmund's is truly '˜outstanding'

HERE are the top ten reasons why St Edmund's Catholic School was awarded an '˜outstanding' Ofsted report by inspectors.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 11:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 11:59 am
St Edmund's Catholic School, in Portsmouth

As reported, the Portsmouth school has become the first secondary in seven years to be ranked outstanding in all areas of its work.

And below are ten points made by Ofsted inspectors explaining why it is worthy of the honour:

1) The staff in St Edmunds accurately identify pupils who are not performing at their best and swiftly intervene to make improvements. Effective team working ensures that no pupil is overlooked.

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2) Relationships in the school are strong and the respect and kindness that underlies . The underlying culture of respect and kindness for all underpins every element of pupils’ experiences. They are appreciative of the support they are given and very keen to learn.

3) Teachers are skilful at ensuring lessons are carefully matched to what pupils need to learn. They plan meticulously to support and improve their pupils. They also use questioning highly effectively to deepen learning. This means that no pupil is left behind and over time all make strong progress.

4) St Edmund’s curriculum is tailored to match the aspirations and interests of all pupils. The breadth of pupils’ experiences, supported by an extensive extra-curricular programme, leaves pupils very well prepared for life in modern Britain.

5) Spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences are highly developed and are an impressive feature of the school. The school’s chaplaincy makes a significant contribution to pupils’ well-being, which is as well supported as pupils’ academic progress.

6) A strong focus on teacher development has resulted in outstanding teaching over time. Consequently, teachers are highly knowledgeable about how pupils learn and plan meticulously to help pupils improve.

7) Disadvantaged pupils, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are rapidly catching up with their peers through teachers using carefully targeted and monitored provision.

8) The pupils’ exemplary conduct around the site is matched by outstanding attitudes to learning in the classroom. Pupils are eager to develop their knowledge and understanding, and then use this to further improve their work. Rewards and consequences are used to reinforce expectations of pupils.

9) The support the school gets from parents and carers is overwhelmingly positive. St Edmund’s identify the pastoral support pupils receive as one of the school’s many strengths.

10) Governors bring their experience and total commitment to the best possible outcomes for all pupils to effectively challenge and support leaders.