University of Portsmouth professor develops tool to take the angst out of business decision-making

Life is full of decisions. Some, like which coffee to buy, we're happy to make casually. Others, such as how to invest in and grow a business, are more complex. We want to make the right choice, but how to be sure?

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Thursday, 29th August 2019, 1:00 am
Deciding which coffee to order is easy compared to deciding how to invest in and grow a business

Professor Alessio Ishizaka has developed a tool that takes the angst out of decision-making. Are there ways to make the process more objective and clear-cut, with all the variables tagged and considered? The answer is, yes.

Professor Ishizaka says there’s a science to decision making and it can be readily applied. Alessio is Professor in Decision Analysis at the University of Portsmouth and uses science and data to help people and organisations make better decisions.

Decision-making involves a wide variety of factors – commercial, environmental, economic, physical, psychological and emotional, to name a few. Despite this complexity, Alessio can create software and special ranking models that take all the different variables and criteria into account.

He has the expertise to help solve difficult questions or issues, no matter how nuanced and specific the requirements.He can offer quicker, easier, more quantifiable ways to reach decisions that meet as many requirements as possible – and lessen boardroom battles on the way.

Alessio explains: ‘I help people, companies and, in turn, society, to make decisions – because it’s difficult to make decisions.”

Using various search methodologies and algorithms that filter data, Alessio’s systems are designed to close the gap between a defined set of goals and the most desirable solution. It all depends on the criteria.

For a business, knowing what will appeal to customers is often central to making a decision. That’s why Alessio has researched what attracts and encourages people to spend their money – whether purchasing a product or supporting a cause. For example, on crowdfunding websites, Alessio examines the projects that receive the most interest and funding. His findings help him to identify the criteria behind their success. He uses this information to help other projects perform better.

To find out more about Alessio’s work, or to talk to us, please call 023 9284 4488 or email [email protected]

Master’s interns provide real impact for local organisations

In the coming months, two Master’s courses run by Portsmouth Business School will seek business opportunities for short term business placements. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a talented, proactive postgraduate student work in your organisation.

As part of their placement, students are required to undertake a work-based research project. This could include analysing part of the business, marketing or supply chain for example, or applying up to date business methodologies to aid the introduction of new processes.

Previous customers have experienced great success with these placements, often helping guide strategy and implementation while providing valuable experience to students.

Congratulations to our first Degree Apprentices

July saw the University of Portsmouth's first cohort of Chartered Manager Degree Apprentices graduate with fully-funded degrees in Business, Leadership and Management.

Tom Colbeck from the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce said: 'It’s been a tough three years, but graduating with a Degree Apprenticeship with my colleagues was such a fulfilling experience.'