Choir led by Portsmouth doctor release single to save NHS from devastating cuts

CAMPAIGNERS battling for the government to stop crippling cut to the the NHS have launched a song in a bid to rattle Whitehall.

Members of the National Health Singers have released a new song to mark NHS 70
Members of the National Health Singers have released a new song to mark NHS 70

The National Health Singers have recorded their latest single '˜Won't Let Go' to mark the 70th birthday of the NHS.

But the song has also been crafted to rally followers in a bid to lobby the government and demand extra cash is pumped into nation's treasured health system.

The choir, which is made up of NHS staff and patients, have said they won't let cutbacks destroy the NHS.

Choir founders Dr Julia Patterson, left, and Dr Georgina Wood, right. Photo Yaso Browne

Dr Georgina Wood is one of the founders of the national movement. The oncology expert, who used to be based at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, is hoping the Portsmouth community gets behind the campaign.

The 32-year-old said patients and staff were suffering due to the austerity measures that have hit the NHS in recent years and said: '˜We're not going to sit back and let this happen.

'˜We're not going to let privatisation happen. We need to see an end to all this austerity.

'˜The NHS is this country's most valued and valuable asset; it is under serious threat and we want the public to join us in its defence.  A program of swingeing cuts means it will not survive without decisive action.

'˜For the NHS to have reached 70 years is marvellous but we need to make sure that the NHS is here for another 70. That is an idea that has simply been lost by this current government.'

The song was released on Sunday and has been created a series of music moguls including Mark De-Lisser, whose credits include ITV's The Voice, the BBC's The Choir and the lauded arrangement of Stand By Me at the royal wedding.

The news comes after the government announced it would pump an extra £20bn into the health service.

However, Dr Julia Patterson, co-founder of the choir, said: 'The government have made £40bn in cuts since 2010. Services are threadbare, patients suffer on trolleys in corridors, staff are burnt out and leaving in droves.

'˜In short, the much vaunted '˜Â£20bn birthday present' to the NHS won't touch the sides. We need an end to austerity cuts and a reversal of creeping privatisation.'

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