Diabetes charity urges people to take illness seriously after Portsmouth man is blinded

A CHARITY has urged the public to watch carefully for the signs of diabetes and to attend regular doctors appointments.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 6:00 am
A charity has issued guidance about diabetes

And Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, which is based on Hayling Island, has warned people who suffer from the disease to look after themselves and take the condition seriously.

As The News reported yesterday, Michael Betteridge lost his sight due to suffering from Type 1 diabetes. He said he thought he was ‘invincible’ while growing up and ignored warnings to cut back on sugar in his diet.

Although diabetes can potentially affect sufferers’ lives, advances in medicines have meant that people are not limited to a basic lifestyle and can eat many things that they would like.

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Claire Levy, community fundraiser for DRWF, said: ‘Diabetes is an illness that should be taken with the utmost amount of seriousness.

‘The illness is not hereditary, and the cause for Type 1 unknown but it is thought to be an auto-immune process.

‘In effect, the body produces antibodies to the pancreas, damaging it and preventing it producing insulin. It usually begins below the age of 40.

‘The symptoms for Type 1 are a constant thirst and urinating more frequently than usual, particularly at night.

‘Type 2 is generally weight-related, but not 

‘Reducing your weight and being physically active will improve your insulin activity but you may need medication or insulin to help.

‘It’s vital that you attend regular doctor’s appointments and listen to everything they say. People can live quite normal lives suffering from diabetes and insulin intakes have changed to improve lives.’

Lee Calladine, an event co-ordinator who’s suffered from Type 1 diabetes since he was 43, said: ‘Having diabetes is not like years ago when people have to do everything to a routine.

‘I can take insulin as much as eight times a day and I don’t deprive myself of eating anything.

‘However, I do not abuse my body and stay healthy.’