Explained: What is the GP patient survey and what is it for?

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PORTSMOUTH doctor’s practices have been rated by the patients who use them in an annual survey. 

The data was gathered between January and March of this year and patients were asked to rank their doctor’s practice in a variety of different categories. 

The GP Patient survey explained: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The GP Patient survey explained: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

This included asking them if they felt that their overall experience at their GP’s was good.

The results were then published in July and revealed which GP surgeries patients believe are the best and worst in the city. 

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But what exactly is the survey all about? 

Here are all your questions answered: 

What is the GP patient survey? 

The GP Patient Survey is an independent survey run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England. 

It has been designed to give patients the opportunity to feed back about their experiences of their GP practice. 

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The survey includes questions about a range of issues, such as how easy or difficult it is to make an appointment at your practice, satisfaction with opening hours, the quality of care received from your GP and practice nurses, amongst other things.

The survey is sent out annually in January.

What is the survey for? 

Replies to the survey will help GP practices understand where they can improve.

This survey is an opportunity for patients to have their say about how well their practice is doing at providing these services to patients.

If you go to the GP Patient Survey’s website – by clicking this link here – you can search for your doctor’s practice. 

Were you surprised by how your doctor’s surgery performed? Let us know in the comments below.