Hampshire people encouraged to join up to NHS Diabete Prevention Programme

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PEOPLE are being urged to join a national diabetes programme to help them reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Over half of overweight patients that have attended the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme have lost an average of 8lbs (3.7kg) each and people across Hampshire are being encouraged to join up to the scheme.

The programme was set up to help people make lifestyle changes in order to reduce their risk of developing the disease and to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Hampshire resident Peter Holmes was referred in early 2018 and has lost 2st 4lb (14.5kg) since last April, as well as having seen an overall improvement on his health.

The 77-year-old said: ‘I feel so much better because my weight is coming down, my blood sugar level is normal and my body mass index has also reduced.

‘I feel that I am now in the right place.’

Evidence suggests that Type 2 diabetes, which 90 per cent of all people with diabetes have, is linked to obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet and is preventable.

Find out about the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme at stopdiabetes.co.uk.