Here's what readers thought on QA Hospital's plans to ban smoking

PLANS by Queen Alexandra Hospital to ban smoking on its site next year have been met with mixed reaction.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 12:53 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 12:58 pm
QA Hospital will look to ban smoking from its site.

News' readers have mainly expressed their support for the proposal on our Facebook page but an online poll shows more people are against it.

As previously reported, QA Hospital will launch its campaign to ban smoking on its campus on its open day next month.

Then, from January 14 the site will have a no smoking policy anywhere in the grounds.

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Commenting on the story's Facebook post, Kelly Heslop said: '˜Definitely, it's not very pleasant walking through other people's smoke when your ill,' while Sarah Patterson added: '˜Yes, definitely. Was up there yesterday and people everywhere smoking and fag butts, disgusting it's a health place.'

Lyn Priestley posted: '˜Good it stinks outside both entrances,' with Nigel Casey writing: '˜All hospitals and doctors surgeries should be free parking and non smoking.'

But some people questioned QA Hospital's ability to enforce the ban.

Stan Auld said: '˜There enough signs everywhere (no smoking). Yet no-one takes any notice of it. Some even smoke under the signs.'

Michelle Robinson added: '˜How will it be enforced though? The benches outside one of the entrances are used by smokers despite it being a no-smoking area.'

Others were against the idea of a ban though.

Elly Newman posted: '˜No, there should be areas (away from any buildings) for smokers to go but they should be enforced so smoking is permitted ONLY in those areas,' while Emily Rathmill added: '˜There needs to be somewhere more suitable for staff and patients to smoke.

'˜The entrances aren't it but neither is the ridiculously tiny smoking shelter on the corner of the road. It's not safe or fair for the patients to have to go over there.'