Hundreds of bikers gather for Gosport teenager in hospital after crash

BIKERS turned out in their hundreds to raise money for a teenager who suffered serious injuries after a crash.

Sunday, 30th September 2018, 4:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 30th September 2018, 5:59 pm

Bailey Skull, 20, organised the get together on Saturday night which saw the motorbike community ride from Portsdown Hill to Eastleigh.

The event was welcomed by Steven Chipps, the father of 18-year-old Penny who is currently in hospital following the crash on September 21.

Penny, a student at South Downs College, suffered multiple fractures, a head injury and a punctured lung in the incident in Crookhorn.

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Her boyfriend Bailey put on the main event at Eastleigh's Springbridge Cafe with house mates Ty Crosby and David Walczak organising the small gathering at Mick's Monster Burgers, off Portsdown Hill Road.

Ty, 18, from Gosport, said: '˜We wanted to raise money to give to Penny for when she gets out of hospital.

'˜We wanted to do a ride for her too to Springbridge that everyone could attend.

'˜When we heard what happened, we just wanted to do something to help and Penny would have loved something like this.

'˜She is the sort of person who wants to help others all the time. She would have been keen to be a part of something like this if it was someone else in her situation.'

Around 40 bikers set off from Portsdown Hill on Saturday and joined up with around 300 others at Springbridge Cafe where Bailey and Penny had once visited on their motorbikes.

Penny had been riding her motorbike for two months after earning her licence four months ago.

David, 19, added: '˜We put a post on Facebook and it got a really good response.

'˜Some of us know Penny personally, others are friends of friends but lots of people just wanted to help a fellow biker.

'˜Penny is a good friend and she is always there when you need her.

'˜She is the sort of person who would do anything for anyone.'

As previously reported in The News, Penny is being treated at Southampton General Hospital following the crash.

Her dad Steven, from Portsea Island, mum Sarah McNiff and other close family and friends have been by her side.

Speaking previously, Mr Chipps said: 'The support people have given is unbelievable.

'It has been overwhelming and we want to thank everyone for it.

'˜We are really grateful to those who organised Saturday's event for Penny. 

'˜Everyone has been willing to help and wants to help which we are thankful of.'