Nightshifts at Asda can be a drag for Dave... as he wears a dress for charity bet

WHEN his colleague bet him £10 to wear a skirt to work, Dave Gibbison ran with the idea.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 11:56 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:59 am
Dave Gibbison, from Fareham, dressed in drag to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

But instead of changing his trousers for the skirt, the 43-year-old went one step further and wore a dress and heels in the hopes of raising £500 for Prostate Cancer UK.

Dave worked his Friday late shift as the Newgate Lane Asda store, in Fareham, in the drag outfit and thanks to generous donations has raised nearly £500.

He said: ‘Like many other work places we aren’t allowed to wear shorts in the summer.

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Dave Gibbison in his usual work uniform

‘My colleague and I were talking and she said she would give me £10 if I wore a skirt like the school boys who wore skirts to school.

‘I told her if she could get £100 in donations I would wear a dress during my shift.

‘In about half an hour she came back to me with the £100 so I had no choice.’

Dave, from Fareham, chose to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK as he is keen to raise awareness of the illness.

Dave Gibbison in his usual work uniform

Then, just days before he was due to do the fundraiser he found out his uncle had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He added: ‘When I found out, I knew I wanted to raise as much as possible.

‘I now had a personal reason for raising money for the charity.’

After getting permission from store managers, Dave wore a dress, tights, heels and a wig to complete his night shift.

His colleagues clapped him onto the shop floor before he changed out of the heels to get on with his job.

‘Due to health and safety I wasn’t allowed to wear the heels while working,’ he said.

‘But I did wear them to walk down the aisles a couple of times.

‘All my colleague were clapping and cheering and a couple of the customers stopped to join in.

The Asda store is open 24 hours so customers throughout the night spotted Dave in his get-up.

He added: ‘Mainly their reaction was supportive and my managers and colleagues were brilliant.’

When Dave set up the Just Giving page, he set the £500 target but did not expect to raise that much.

So far, with online donations and work donations he has raised £480.

He said: ‘I can’t believe how much I have raised. It is fantastic and it’s important for me to raise as much awareness as possible.

‘A lot of people speak about the dangers of breast cancer in women but for men, prostate cancer is just as deadly so needs just as much awareness.’