Nine out of 10 people in Portsmouth have outdated prescriptions

A SIMPLE eye test uncovered a condition that had already robbed David Taylor of 75 per cent of his sight.

Saturday, 24th September 2016, 6:10 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:34 pm
Portsmouth resident David Taylor, who has lost 75% of his sight

David, from Portsmouth, was special guest at the Vision Van roadshow encouraging others to take care of their sight.

The 52-year-old said: ‘I’d encourage everyone to get a regular eye test and go to see an optician on a regular basis.

‘I’m so glad that I had that crucial eye test because I received hospital and consultant care from that point on, and could make informed choices about the future.’

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Vision Express parked its Vision Van at Gunwharf Quays and found most of the people visited needed stronger glasses or lenses.

Its free eye tests found that nine out of 10 people needed a new prescription.

Two people were advised to seek further medical attention after suspected glaucoma was detected.

Tham Ndlovu, 49, was one of those to take advantage of the free eye test.

He was one of the people referred to see his GP after the optometrist spotted signs of glaucoma.

The Gunwharf Quays security guard said: ‘I can’t remember when I last had an eye test but it was probably over 10 years ago.

‘It’s a good idea to have your eyes tested because you never know.

‘Especially when you’re getting older, you can start to lose your vision without noticing and I’m glad I got it done.’

Vision Express optometrist Deepali Modha, who saw Tham, added: ‘Tham’s 
experience shows how important it is to see an optician regularly.

‘Whatever condition may be detected, the earlier it is identified, the sooner it can be managed and the better potential outcome.

‘We want people to take steps to safeguard their sight for a lifetime, and by offering this essential check for free, we are setting aside the affordability issue to help those that need.’

The condition is the biggest cause of preventable sight loss in the UK.

Portsmouth was the first stop on the Vision Van’s tour which will go around the country over the next few weeks.