Portsmouth mother calls on Prime Minster to launch probe in vCJD

MEMORIES Christine Lord with her son Andrew
MEMORIES Christine Lord with her son Andrew
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A MOTHER who lost her son to the human form of mad cow disease has called on the Prime Minister to launch a criminal investigation into his ‘unlawful death’.

Christine Lord, whose 24-year-old son Andrew died from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) in 2007, led families to Downing Street yesterday to hand in a petition.

Miss Lord says she has gathered evidence to suggest the BSE outbreak in cows, which was transmitted to humans through infected meat, was covered up and the government knew the dangers of people eating potentially infected beef.

Miss Lord, from Southsea, said: ‘We are telling David Cameron that we want a criminal investigation.

I’ve been gathering evidence for a long time now, evidence from people who were called to speak during the BSE inquiry.

‘They’re coming forward now and they’ve told us they knew about the dangers of eating infected meat and it was covered up.

‘One top scientist has said all British beef was removed from government ships to protect scientists from BSE.

‘Another has said the inquiry into BSE was stage-managed by the very people it was supposed to investigate.

‘Maybe their consciences are pricking them now or they’ve retired and are thinking they should have done something at the time and want to put it right.

‘But we have evidence there was a cover-up now and we want a proper independent investigation into our loved ones’ unlawful deaths.’

The families also held a two-minute silence outside No 10, and laid a wreath in memory of the victims who have died from vCJD.

This is the second time in seven months that they have been to Downing Street. In November they handed in personal letters to Mr Cameron, calling for justice.

But they received no response.