Praise for projects to improve health care in Gosport

A PILOT scheme to improve health care has been praised by people using the service.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 5th March 2016, 6:34 am

The same-day access service in Gosport allows people registered at four surgeries to see a health professional on the same day.

It is one of two projects in the town to improve mounting pressures on GP practices.

As previously reported in The News, surgeries at breaking point are hoping to partner with Southern Health NHS Trust to share services and become sustainable.Joy Godbold is a patient at Forton Medical Centre which has already joined up with Southern Health.

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The 57-year-old, from Gosport, said both schemes have made a huge difference.

‘I have had to use the same-day access service five times and it has been brilliant,’ she said.

‘Four of those times I have seen a doctor face-to-face and the other time I got someone on the phone. All of those have been on the same day.

‘I definitely think this is the way forward because all people want nowadays is to see a doctor on the same day.

‘Waiting up to two weeks for a regular appointment is too long but this way, you can see a clinician when you need to.’

She added that for some people seeing their own doctor was important but for her, seeing a professional was enough.

‘Some people might want to see their own doctor but for me, it helps sometimes to get a fresh perspective,’ she said.

The same-day access service is run from a hub at Gosport War Memorial and the pilot started in December.

Ms Godbold said since the launch of the scheme, changes have been made showing patients are being listened to.

She added: ‘When you are called by the service, the questions they ask have been improved and elderly patients have the option to see someone at their surgery rather than travel to the hospital.

‘It shows we are being listened to.’