QA bus lane fines: '˜They're only tough on drivers when there is cash to be made'

Some friends of ours have a daughter who has just passed her driving test. She was driving her mum home from QA north carpark when she turned into Cavell Drive. This exit from QA is for buses only and she was caught on camera and subsequently fined £60.

Sunday, 8th January 2017, 6:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 3:49 am
05/01/17 EP The bus only lane at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Picture Ian Hargreaves (170047-1) PPP-170501-182302006

It was a mistake by an inexperienced driver but she was still subject to the automatic milking parlour that gets its produce from the cash cow of the driving public. What a start to her driving career!

I frequently see a parking firm operative, sat in the car park (using up a precious space) of my local recreation ground, when there are youth football matches being played, and the parents are desperate for somewhere to park. If any of them venture onto the six (oversubscribed and always empty) disabled slots, they are summarily ticketed and fined. What the operative does not seem to notice is the guy who stripped his engine down over a period of four weeks or the car sharing motorist who is there all week.

My granddaughter’s school, in northern Emsworth, is also visited at going-home time by an operative (using up a precious space again) who has a lovely time on the yellow zig-zags, issuing tickets. What he does not notice is the vehicles parked on the pavement, cycle lanes and grass verges of Southleigh Road, just a short distance away.

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There are many other examples – fines for number plate mistakes in Havant Health Centre is a classic case.

On the other hand, if I ring up the police or the council to complain about persistent parking on the pavement or grass verge, their first answer is that it is the ‘other lot’ who deal with inconsiderate parking. Their second answer is that the offending driver is doing a good job by keeping the road clear; and if a van, obscuring but lit by a street sign, it’s even better because there may be tools inside.

It would seem that the authorities are tough on errant motorists, only if there is money to be made. Is it any wonder that we residents are becoming increasingly cynical about the motives of the powers-that-be?

* This letter was submitted to The News by Alec Matthews of Parkside, Bedhampton