Watch out for cervical cancer symptoms, says Portsmouth gynaecological surgeon at rapid access clinic

A PORTSMOUTH surgeon is raising awareness of cervical cancer - and highlighting how residents can access rapid screening services.

Francis Gardner is consultant gynaecological surgeon at the GenesisCare Rapid Access Gynaecology Clinic.

He said: ‘There can be a number of indicators of cervical cancer, however the main ones to be aware of include vaginal bleeding – after sex, in-between periods or heavier flows during your period - as well as changes to vaginal discharge, pain during sex, and pain in your lower back, your pelvis, or your lower tummy.’

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‘Symptoms of cervical cancer can be an indication of other conditions such as fibroids or endometriosis – however if you’re experiencing any of them it’s worth visiting your GP or the GenesisCare Rapid Access Gynaecology clinic.

‘While these symptoms may not necessarily mean you have cervical cancer, if you do receive a diagnosis, it’s always better to begin treatment as soon as possible.’

Residents can self-refer for a clinic consultation without a referral from a GP.