Waterlooville group aims to help people lose weight through hypnotherapy

LOOK deep into her eyes…. and a Park Gate woman help you drop four pounds and feel better about yourself.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 12:21 pm
Hypnotherapist Sandie Doyle, left, and stylist Glenda Grocott, are about to launch a new weight loss group at ZW co-working, Waterlooville Picture: Chris Moorhouse (300819-89)

Sandie Doyle is a big believer in hypnotherapy after she was cured of her fear of the dentist and flying and wondered if the principle could be applied to weight loss.

The 60-year-old said: ‘It amazed me that it could make me change my mindset around my fears.

‘I wanted to help other people with their fears and then I thought why could it not do the same for people's mindset around food.’

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Sandie trained in hypnotherapy and started her own business a few years ago but has now launched a dedicated 12-week weight loss group.

She said: ‘There will be no weigh-ins, points, sins or banned foods. It is about finding out why people eat and changing their habits.

‘If you want to get dessert then don’t leave a little of your dinner. 

‘When I did this on a one-to-one a client had really amazing results. I followed up with her a month or so later and she had really changed her life around and said everything was going so well.

‘It means so much to hear that we do really does make a difference to people’s lives.’

There will also be sessions on colour/shape and style with stylist Glenda Grocott and a nutrition session with Nikki Scott.

Glenda said: ‘Colour, shape and style can have a really big impact on how someone feels with their appearance.

‘There can be a lot of emotions tied to weight loss and even if they are dropping weight they may still not have the confidence to wear anything other than big black clothes or the like.

‘It is all about giving them their confidence back.’

With 10 years in the industry Nikki is also a level 5 remedial and sports massage therapist and certified MNU nutritionist. 

In the group sessions, she will give talks about how to make better day to day food choices, how small changes can make a big difference and the importance of being prepared.

She will also give some ideas on quick healthy meals and snacks and some 10 minute daily workout sessions to build more confidence around returning to exercise. 

The group will be held at ZW co-working, Jubilee Road, Waterlooville from 7.30pm until 9pm.

For more information email [email protected]