Why seven-year-old Grace has spent her half-term giving out presents to children in QA 

Grace McElhinney from Horndean with the care packages
Grace McElhinney from Horndean with the care packages
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A KIND-HEARTED youngster has helped to spread some half-term cheer to youngsters in hospital.

Seven-year-old Grace McElhinney and her mum Sarah, from Horndean, gave Queen Alexandra Hospital 24 care packages for its children’s wards.

Grace made the presents herself by saving up the pocket money she had made from helping her grandparents with chores.

The packages contained toys, colouring pencils, baby books or puzzles and sweets with the aim to ‘make them [the children] feel at home if they’re scared’. Grace was on the ward repeatedly herself when she was 18 months to 4 years old and the mother and daughter duo wanted to help repay the Starfish and Shipwrecked wards.

Grace said she wanted to ‘help other children like me and I like making friends and cheering them up.’

Sarah added they gave extra presents to the siblings waiting on the day ward and it was comforting to meet other parents. She encouraged people to create care packages and plans to make more for other women, children and homelessness charities.​​​​​​