NOSTALGIA: Ghostly sightings of Portsmouth frigate lost in snowstorm 140 years ago

The enormous rock topped by an anchor is the largest memorial in the cemetery. It ought to be, for the event it commemorates marks one of the blackest days in the Royal Navy’s history.

Lively Lady amid the  welcome-home flotilla of 400 small vessels off Southsea.'All pictures: Graham Stevens

NOSTALGIA: Home to Portsmouth and a hero’s welcome

Yachtsman Alec Rose received a hero’s welcome as he sailed into Portsmouth after his 354-day round-the-world trip.

SD Colonel Templer leaving Portsmouth after a refit.

NOSTALGIA: Was this vessel used for covert operations by the Royal Marines?

Does anyone remember this vessel?

In this rare photograph we see the new Langstone road bridge (top) under construction with the old wooden bridge alongside. It opened in 1956.

NOSTALGIA: Bus passengers too heavy to cross to Hayling so had to walk

In the aerial view of the entrance to Langstone Harbour we see the old wooden bridge that crossed from Langstone to Hayling Island and above it the new road bridge under construction.

The Evening News and Hampshire Telegraph offices in Stanhope Road, Landport, Portsmouth, in the 1950s.

NOSTALGIA: I was torn off a strip for not picking up the phone quickly

Many of you will remember the front office of the Evening News in Stanhope Road opposite Portsmouth & Southsea railway station. It was a classic of its time with polished teak counters and dozens of pigeonholes for mail against the back wall. 
Tom Glover's mid-1970s' photograph of the remains of the old Gosport ferry Viva.

NOSTALGIA: A year in the life of an old Portsmouth wreck

I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, so I am always astounded by the length, and accuracy, of readers’ memories.

Jo and Rhys Williams competing in a nighttime navigational competition in East Hampshire

BIG READ: Meet the motorists with a need for far more than speed

Kick-started in 1931, Southsea Motor Club has evolved into one of the most highly-regarded clubs of its kind in the country  

THIS WEEK IN 1978: A major set back in plans for Lively Lady

Hopes of Southsea traders that they might have been able to acquire Sir Alec Rose’s yacht, Lively Lady, as a permanent feature and star attraction in the planned new pedestrian precinct in Palmerston Road hit a major setback.

Doctor Harry Matthews, who for the previous four years had worked on cancer research at Portsmouth Polytechnic

THIS WEEK IN 1978: Grant given to poly to probe ‘slime’

As is traditional in submarine warfare, the Jolly Roger was displayed on HMS Thunderbolt after a successful attack.

NOSTALGIA: Was she jinxed? The sub with two names that was sunk twice

For a submarine to be lost once is dramatic enough.


THIS WEEK IN 1978: Ferry port set for more expansion

Portsmouth was set to capitalise on Southampton’s major weakness by building up the expanding continental ferry port.

The unusual sight of a bean-eating expert in action as the electronic recorder clicks its way to a world record for John Lawrence

THIS WEEK IN 1978: John bags baked bean eating record

Best of the bean brigade – that was east Hampshire’s new world record holder, John Lawrence.

The 1964 intake of Dockyard apprentices who built the old woman's shoe, of nursery rhyme fame, for Southsea Carnival.

NOSTALGIA: Were you one of these Dockyard apprentices?

In the 1960s Portsmouth Dockyard was the largest employer in the area. Three times a year hundreds of youngsters left school at 15 to start life as apprentices, many in the ‘yard. The largest groups were the fitters and turners and the electricians followed by the shipwrights.

Mary Gander with the new powered sweeper

THIS WEEK IN 1978: It’s a clean sweep for Rosemary

You could see the five-piece Status Quo for just 25p at the CROMAT Club in The Tricorn

NOSTALGIA: Rocking out with the ‘Qou at the Cromat Club for just a few bob

I wonder how many of you can remember the CROMAT Club that took over the Tricorn Club on a Tuesday night back in the early 1970s?

An experimental model of the Oleanic 50 oil skimmer being demonstrated in the Solent in September 1976

THIS WEEK IN 1978: First oil skimmer to take off in dockyard

Portsmouth Dockyard was to start work on the construction of the first of six oil skimmers, the brainchild of an Emsworth naval officer, which would help in the battle against sea pollution.

Children enjoy the colourful mural in Landport Adventure Park painted by Portsmouth students

THIS WEEK IN 1978: Brighter play in the pipeline

A group of Portsmouth students brightened Landport Adventure Playground with this mural, and were all set to take their paint and brushes to a city school.

PS Sandown on her maiden cross-Solent voyage in 1934.

NOSTALGIA: Cross-Solent paddle steamer could make trip in 22 minutes

I know from the many e-mails I receive that photographs of the old Isle of Wight boats are always enjoyed with great affection.

Heritage 1

THIS WEEK IN 1977: Planners to comply over bridge order

A tentative suggestion that Hampshire planners should have refused to comply with a Portsmouth Crown Court order to rebuild Haslar Bridge to 1911 standards by December 31, 1978, was met with a prompt and stern official rebuttal.

People arriving at Portsmouth Guildhall had to walk through lines of picketing students, protesting over grants while the polytechnic governors' meeting was being held inside

THIS WEEK IN 1977: Students prepare for poly sit-in against increasing tuition fees

After a complete change of heart, student union leaders were urging their members to go into immediate occupation at Portsmouth Polytechnic. But the building chosen for the sit-in was a well-guarded secret.

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