THIS WEEK IN 1992: Warnings over fumes from filling stations

Portsmouth was poised to become possibly the first city in the country to take legal action against stations which allowed dangerous fumes to escape from their premises.

jpns 160618 retro 2018''Southampton - An inquiry was being held into the shelling incident. Inset: One of the fishing boat skippers Pat Carlin

THIS WEEK IN 1992: Day-trip skippers tell of gun shell terror

Fisherman were back at sea after being shelled by Portsmouth-based destroyer HMS Southampton.


IN PICTURES: Portchester Gala

A town came alive with colour as residents paraded through the streets as part of the annual gala celebrations.


IN PICTURES: St John’s summer fair

Vintage bus rides, tug-of-war, tombola and tasty barbecue food made for a fantastic summer fair.

East Hampshire
jpns 160618 retro 2018 plumbing''Plumbing - Jill Barr, 41, shows off her new skills

THIS WEEK IN 1992: Tapping new trade for plumber Jill

Plumbing student Jill Barr was proof that women could conquer a traditional masculine trade.

jpns 160618 retro 2018''Hero - Steven 'Hawkeye' Bunbury jumped ship in daring escapade off the Isle of Man

THIS WEEK IN 1992: AWOL bid to escape the war hero image

A Gulf War hero who jumped ship prepared to face the music as his parents told how his courage backfired on him.

THEN: Looking north through Hilsea, 1984. You may not think this scene has changed much, but look at the 2018 photograph and see the difference. Picture: Anthony Triggs

NOSTALGIA: It seems like only yesterday – when petrol was just 9p a litre  

In 1984, a former sub-editor at The News, Anthony Triggs, went about taking then and now photographs to produce his book Portsmouth  –  Past and Present. 
Glynn Edwards as Dave, the landlord of the Winchester Club in Minder

NOSTALGIA: Portsmouth connection to Minder’s Winchester Club

I had to laugh when I saw a report in The News about parking in the right direction after dark. Cars must be parked with the tail lights facing oncoming traffic. Anyone remember when street lights used to go off about 10.30pm? Cars had to have lights on but car batteries were not great and many different forms of lighting were used.
HNMZS Achilles, a veteran of the battle of the River Plate. After the war she was sold to India and was finally broken up in 1978 when 55 years old.

NOSTALGIA: Twenty-nine dead in Portsmouth Dockyard explosion

I am grateful to Archie Malley of the Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historic Trust (Support group) for reminding me of a terrible accident in the dockyard 75 years ago next Friday, June 22.
HMS Victorious leaves Portsmouth Harbour some time after 1958 as she has the angled flight deck that was fitted between 1950 and 1958.

NOSTALGIA: One of Portsmouth’s finest leaves harbour

Seen departing Portsmouth Harbour is HMS Victorious, one of the most famous aircraft carriers of her time. 

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Proposed beach fees are ruled out

Plans to make holidaymakers pay to use beaches were ruled out in the Portsmouth area.

jpns 090618 retro''Girls - Emma, left, and Sara after their ordeal

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Girls are lucky to be alive after thugs push them into the sea

Two schoolgirls were lucky to be alive after they were pushed into the sea and left clinging for their lives.

jpns 090618 retro''Cars - Paulsgrove problem created by affluence

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Wealthy tenants ruin city estates

Council tenants on two of Portsmouth’s oldest housing estates grew so rich they were ruining their environment.


THIS WEEK IN 1991: Supermarkets pay for rogue trolleys

Abandoned supermarket trolleys could have disappeared from the streets of Portsmouth under new legislation aimed at penalising supermarkets which let them roam.

No saving their bacon  Pigs arriving at Point from the Isle of Wight for slaughter.

NOSTALGIA: Pigs to the slaughter in Old Portsmouth

Three of the photographs here come from the collection of Mike Nolan who was born and grew up at Point, Old Portsmouth, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area.


THIS WEEK IN 1991: Controls scare as carrier puts to sea

The Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier fighter jets were grounded in a safety scare.

jpns 090618 retro''Zoe - Zoe Redding prepares for her historic appointment

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Teenager to make history in the army

A trail-blazing teenager from Lee-on-the-Solent was set to make history by becoming the army’s first female aircraft technician.

The table in the Royal Oak pub, Fishguard where the surrender was signed.

NOSTALGIA: French invaders rounded up by woman with pitchfork

Showing the cramped working conditions for submariners here we see six torpedo tubes inside the preserved Royal Navy submarine Otus. Thirteen of the Oberon class boats was decommissioned in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Otus was scrapped at John Pounds’s yard, Tipner, Portsmouth, but was saved.

jpns 090618 retro''Milk - Betty Burns launches the aid plan

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Trader’s pints full of human kindness

A Southsea trader with a lot of bottle donated the proceeds from her pints to a relief fund for the world’s hungry.

jpns 090618 retro''Mum - Patricia Minter with four-day-old Ryan

THIS WEEK IN 1991: Baby Ryan defies 1,000-to-one odds

A woman warned she stood only a thousand-to-one chance of having the child she had dreamed of was cuddling her bouncing baby boy.

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