Clara Scotney (16), Becki Sutcliffe (16), Prunella Jones (16), Charlotte Renshaw (16), Katy Tracey (16), Melissa Unwin (15), Kirsty Perry (16), Charlotte Herridge (16), Rhianne Thomas (16) attending St Edmund's Catholic School's prom at The Marriott Hotel in Portsmouth. Picture (062937-71)

18 photos from 2006 school leavers proms in Portsmouth

End of school leavers prom is a time honoured tradition.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 11:44 am

With the end of the academic year almost upon us, we decided to dive back into The News archives to find old prom photos from through the years.

For this gallery, we have picked pictures from 2006.

It includes Springfield School, St Edmunds and more.

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