24 great photos from Hayling Island's history over the years

Perhaps you feature in one of these images taken on Hayling over the years?

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 5:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 6:00 pm
Competitors from Hayling getting away at the start of the Hayling Raft Race in July 1995. The News PP4044
Competitors from Hayling getting away at the start of the Hayling Raft Race in July 1995. The News PP4044

These great images are from 1960 onwards and include Hayling carnival, the raft race, the fair, local shops and many other events.

What are your memories of Hayling Island back in the 1960s?

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Windsurfers heading to the seas from Northney Marina, Hayling Island, 1988. The News PP5398
Lloyds Bank famous black horse Cancara paid his first ever school visit to Hayling Island School. The News PP4401
The Rev Royle blesses the new St Mary's Church hall, Hayling assisted by Roger Harrison, Roy Broadhurst, Judith Day and Daniel Gardner in 1994. The News PP4855
Hayling beach is extremely popular for the summer of 1980. The News PP4455
1000 year old yew tree measuring 30 feet around the trunk, St Mary's parish church, St Mary's Road, Hayling in 1987. The News PP4854
New Sea defences being put in on Hayling Seafront in February 1976. The News PP4849
Eastoke Corner, Hayling in February 1981. The News PP4850
The News on Elm Grove, Hayling 1972. The News PP4851
Cherry Orchard, Hayling in May 1974. The News PP4853
The off-runners begin the ten mile Hayling island marathon, 1994. The News PP4962
Action from the start of Hayling Islands windsurfing Marathon around the Island in 1994. The News PP5397
Crowds at the Hayling Carnival on the Legion Field, 1994. The News PP5576
Apprentices from the ship fitting department of Portsmouth Dockyard in 1950. It was taken at Hayling Island in 1961. Only four of the names are known, they are Barry Ladd, Peter Eddles, Peter Bennett and George McEvoy.
Sunshine entertainers, Hayling Island 1967. Looking as trendy as it could be in 1967 we see some of the entertainers at the Sunshine Holiday Camp, Hayling Island.
Taken in June 1962. It shows 'A1X' 0-6-0 tank No.32678 ready to leave the bay platform adjacent to Havant down main platform. Weighing just 28 tons, these diminutive locos were ideal for the four and a half mile journey to Hayling as they had to pass over the wooden bridge that crossed Langstone Harbour.
The construction of the Havant bypass around 1964. The road from Havant to Hayling runs to the left.
Elm Grove, Hayling Island December 1971. The News PP618
A picturesque cottage on Yew Tree Lane, Hayling Island, July 4 1973. The News PP3400
A seven year old boy carrying his shoes as he prepares to enter the water on the beach at Hayling Island, Sussex around 1965. (Photo by G. Packham/Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Hayling Bridge in 1960.
The Hayling Billy, the last one to run. On November 3, 1963 the last and final train ran to and from Hayling Island. Passengers surround the locomotive.
The Portsmouth to Hayling ferry arrives at Hayling. No date for this photograph, but it is an unchanging scene across Langstone Harbour.
Monkey Island at Hayling fairground. A feature of the Hayling funfair was Monkey Island in the centre of a boating lake.