What was the point of this huge Portsmouth pole? | Nostalgia

David Gardener sent me the photograph of Newcomen Road, Stamshaw, and asks if anyone can tell him what the tall mast/post with the finial on top was used for. It appears to be outside his father’s house.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3:52 pm
A marvellous view looking west along Newcomen Road, Stamshaw, about 1920. Any idea what the enormous pole was for? Picture: David Gardener collection.

His late father rented number 28 from the 1920s until his death in the 1960s. I just wonder what percentage of his wages went towards renting a terraced house at that time as compared to the percentage of a modern day’s wage.

It is a somewhat different scene today of course with cars and vans parked nose to tail down the entire street. I imagine all these houses had a lavatory at the end of the garden.

• The second picture is yet another from Barry Cox’s postcard collection. Here we have a scene in the dockyard during the war or perhaps just after.

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Can anyone tell me where this is in the dockyard and the name of the battleship too? Picture: Barry Cox collection.

I think it might be after the war as I cannot see photography being allowed within a Royal Dockyard during the war years. To the far right is part of the floating dock.

Barry wonders if anyone recognises the battleship with the tall superstructure? Also, is the swing bridge crossing from left to right in front of the tower still there?

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