30 YEARS AGO: Our spectacular aerial picture of the new Rudmore roundabout

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The area being excavated at Oyster Street. The picture shows the 15th-century wooden quay and the 17th century stone structure

THIS WEEK IN 1971: ‘Jetty found buried at Oyster Street site

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It’s one of the best know traffic junctions in Portsmouth - but 30 years ago the Rudmore roundabout was no more than a giant building site.

The News published this photograph in November 1986 as works progressed on the link between the M275 and Mile End Road.

The caption said that Kingston Crescent, Stamshaw Road and Twyford Avue could be seen to the right and to the left the landscape was dominated by what was then the new Townsend Thoresen building, Viking House.

The photograph by News cameraman Bill Shimmin was taken from a Gazelle helicopter hovering 600ft over the city.