A night out for staff when wet fish was big business

Staff from Sidney Slape's fishmongers enjoying a night out
Staff from Sidney Slape's fishmongers enjoying a night out
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The recent picture of staff from Sidney Slape’s fishmongers enjoying a night out sparked memories for Robert Steward.

He remembers that Mr Slape had several shops around Portsmouth in the 1950s and 60s, including one in Havant Road, Drayton.

Robert, of Gains Road, Southsea, said: ‘I remember thinking the name Slape was very apt for a wet fishmonger recalling the wet fish lying on the marble slab in the shop and even being down slapped on it with a resounding wet thud.

‘The name Slape identifies itself very closely with wet fishmongering at that time.’

This picture was sent to us by former Slape’s employee Joyce Taylor, of Crofton Close, Purbrook.

She and her late husband Ern are on the extreme right of the photograph looking towards the camera.

Robert was interested to note what people drank in those days. ‘Notice the lack of bottles of wine on the table,’ he said.

‘They all seem to be on individual drinks, small sherries or beer, or maybe a glass of wine perhaps or Dubonnet.

‘I think this was still the era when the average Brit would not have known too much about wine and would have been too embarrassed to order it.’