A rural backwater on the London road, plus trams

London Road in Cowplain, looking north
London Road in Cowplain, looking north
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Here’s a slice of vintage Cowplain life which newer residents might find hard to get their heads around.

Each of the photos in our picture package feature the A3 London Road when there was hardly a motorised vehicle to worry. about.

Horse and carts, the occasional van and lorry and trams from the Portsdown and Horndean Light Railway were the only things to trouble cyclists.

The pictures are undated, but the railway ran from 1903 until 1935, so that narrows it a little.

Had our forefathers had a little more insight and kept the railway, the £33.8m spent in the past few years on the so-called ZIP bus priority corridor between Clanfield and Portsdown Hill via London Road, might not have been needed...

All today’s pictures come from Waterlooville photographer and collector Paul Costen (costen. co.uk) .