A show wedding from the 1940s

Purbrook Sincerity Entertainers
Purbrook Sincerity Entertainers
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The cast are wearing beaming smiles in the wedding scene of this production believed to come from the 1940s. It might well have been the happy-ever-after conclusion to a play or musical.

Dawn Herzberg wonders if readers can help with the picture on the right. Her mother appeared in the show as a little girl, but all she and her elder sister can remember was that it was related to a performance of The Wedding of the Painted Doll. Jack Hylton had a hit with it and it featured in the 1929 musical The Broadway Melody.

Dawn says her mother is pretty certain the show in which she appeared was performed at Deverell Hall, London Road, Purbrook, probably in the late 1940s.

She says: ‘I searched the internet and came across a document called Portsmouth Music Scene 1951 which included this picture, but we don’t have any more information.’ Please get in touch if you can help.

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