Aerial shot shows bridge in quiet days between wars

Langstone Bridge, Hayling Island, 1920
Langstone Bridge, Hayling Island, 1920
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This superb aerial picture shows the view across Langstone Bridge in 1920, in that quiet time between the wars.

The railway line which carried the Hayling Billy and thousands of holidaymakers to the island can be seen running almost parallel to the old wooden road bridge.

Eventually, by the early 1950s, weight restrictions meant the buses could no longer cross the old bridge and had to decant their passengers at the bridge for a brisk walk across to pick up another bus on the island.

The toll house is situated on the road and is visible just above the motor bus which is travelling towards Havant.

In the background, this part of north Hayling looks very different to that of today with only open fields and hedgerows to be seen.

The last trains to Hayling ran on Sunday, November 3, 1963.