An Excellent way to cross the water to Whale Island

The orginal bridge to HMS Excellent
The orginal bridge to HMS Excellent
THEN: Full of life and shops galore  the eastern end of Highland Road in Edwardian days with Kassassin Street on the right.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: Snapshot of life in Edwardian Portsmouth

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The picture on the right shows the original bridge on to Whale Island and HMS Excellent with the low tide ford to the right.

I was once told that when the tide was out the bridge became one way with outward traffic using the ford.

I do stand to be corrected though and if you know differently please let me know.

The view bottom right was taken south of Waterlooville looking along the A3 when the road ran through the ‘village’ as it was then.

Some wonderful old motors can be seen forcing themselves up the hill towards Purbrook.

A Southdown bus can also be seen in the centre of the photo.

This view has altered somewhat since bus lanes were built on either side of the road. The field to the left is also about to be built on.

The tower of St George’s Church dominates the skyline to the west.

Below we see the original gates to the Royal Marines’ Barracks, Cromwell Road, Eastney.

The central pillar was removed when lorries became too big for the gates which were built for horse-drawn vehicles.

What a pity the lamps above were removed in later years.