Army veteran Vic’s mortar experiences

Vic Jones (left) with Thomas Cameron.
Vic Jones (left) with Thomas Cameron.
Lively Lady amid the  welcome-home flotilla of 400 small vessels off Southsea.'All pictures: Graham Stevens

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Last week’s photograph, loaned by Vic Jones, of the two sergeants handling the sight of a mortar, was seen by the daughter of the other sergeant.

He was Thomas Cameron Thomas (right), who joined the TA, aged 19, in 1939 and had a busy war ending up taking part in the Normandy landings. After the war he was stationed in Palestine.

His wife insisted he left the army as she thought he had done his bit and on returning to England he re-joined the TA.

His daughter Joy asked if I could put a request in my column.

Thomas was also at Remagen in Holland during the latter part of the war. The story goes that he and a cook took some food up the line to feed the troops when they saw a squad of soldiers 100 yards ahead. The cook asked Thomas if they were ‘ours’, to which Thomas replied in a few choice words that they were not.

But the Germans then held up their arms, dropped their rifles and surrendered.

The story was printed in the Evening News some weeks later. If you know anything about this please contact me.