Audrey’s dad, Bob, was a keen footballer in Havant

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The letter of commendation from the Southern Railway management. It took two months to send it.

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Audrey Goodall has raided her albums for these pictures taken in the Havant area.

They all feature her late father Bob Whatley, but Audrey wonders if anyone recognises their relatives.

In the photograph of Havant Rovers her father is in the middle of the top row, but Audrey, of Place Crescent, Waterlooville, said: ‘The only one I know here is my father but someone might recognise the young lad sitting at the front.’

Bob is the manager (right hand end in the suit) in the battered shot of the football team from St Faith’s Church, Havant from 1926-29.

And in picture of Bedhampton Football Club from 1929-30 he is the goalkeeper.

Moving away his many football teams, Audrey is not sure whether the picture of the workmen is of Portsmouth Water Company employees at Havant or the gas board.

Bob is second from the right, sitting, and third from the left is her uncle Ern Mengham.

And finally Bob can just be glimpsed (the one on the right marked with a cross) in this parade of Portsmouth Water Company’s Home Guard detachment.

They were parading at Havant Recreation Ground in 1944, she says.

The other man she has marked (on the left) she thinks might be George Bridger. And Audrey believes the chap taking the salute was a Lieutenant Yates.