Bakery worker spots dead man driving

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Daniel Ferbridge, 24, lived in Stone Street and worked for Mr Page’s bakery in Hambrook Street, Portsmouth.

After a hard day working the ovens, he left the bakery on his delivery rounds.

Two hours later Charles Hayward, who worked for Yearworth’s bakery in Kingston Road, spotted him sitting in his cart in Melbourne Street. He knew Ferbridge well as they both belonged to the same club.

As Hayward delivered bread to a Mrs Saunders in Melbourne Street, he said to her: ‘It seems as if that chap has gone to sleep.’ She replied that he had been there since six o’clock.

By now it was dark and Hayward went up to Ferbridge’s cart and shouted: ‘Come on Dan, wake up! You won’t get home tonight if you stay here.’

He tried shaking and pulling him up but without success. He fetched his cart lamp and realised he was dead.

Leaving his own cart with Mrs Saunders, Hayward drove Ferbridge’s body to Landport police station.

On this day in 1890 The Hampshire Telegraph published the story with the headline: Dead Man Driving – from John Sadden’s The Portsmouth Book of Days.