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Pupils at Hart Plain Junior School in the mid 1960s
Pupils at Hart Plain Junior School in the mid 1960s

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Gez Groom asked recently if you could put names to this picture of pupils at Hart Plain Junior School in the mid 1960s. He thought the year was either 1964 or 1965.

Sheila Land (nee Piper) was sent the page by her parents because she is in the middle row, fourth from the left.

She is a primary school teacher in Somerset where she has lived for more than 30 years, but she said her parents live in the same bungalow at Waterlooville that she was raised in and from which she was sent to Hart Plain Junior School.

She said: ‘We are always complaining about the large number of children in our classes.

‘However, I remember that we were in large classes back in the 1960s – 42 in my final year with Mr Guy – but the educational system in place meant that we were easier to control.’

Nigel Watts is a former pupil but is not in the picture.

He thought the photograph dated from 1964 because he started at the school in the second year during 1965 when the headmaster was Mr Gatfield, not Mr Watson who appeared in Gez’s picture.

He remembered Mrs Lockwood, who Gez had described as ‘formidable’.

He said: ‘She was responsible for most of the music in the school and, by the time of my arrival, was deputy head.

‘Later, after I had moved on, she was acting head for a year while Mr Gatfield took a sabbatical.

‘When everyone behaved, Mrs Lockwood was as gentle as a kitten. But when someone did not, she metamorphosed into a tiger, but was always fair, never victimising those she disliked. Being realistic, there must have been a few.’

Other teachers he remembers were Miss Donaldson, Miss Fleming, Miss Tee, Mrs Newman (another musician), Mr. Howatt (who gave recorder lessons after school), Mr Evans, Miss Smith (later Mrs Davis), Mrs. Wainwright, Mr Pinkney and Mr Bence.

And, finally, Brenda Lockwood got in touch to say how pleased she was to see the picture of Mrs Lockwood – her mother-in-law.

She said: ‘I thought Gez might like to know that after she retired from a lifetime of teaching, she led a full and active life until she died at the age of 94 a few years ago. She remained a strong character but did mellow a little in her final years.’