Blue Moon and riotous Reed

Oliver Reed and Who drummer Keith Moon.
Oliver Reed and Who drummer Keith Moon.
The men of HMS Hunter

Revealed: The harrowing wartime ordeal of HMS Hunter’s men

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An e-mail from Brenda Lock told me about her friend Jack Tremlett and his wife Dorothy.

Jack worked for the city council’s leisure department. His offices in the early 1970s were behind the restaurant at the Rock Gardens, Southsea.

Brenda was with Jack the day South Parade Pier went up in flames.

She remembers how they stood horrified as the pier burned.

Jack and his wife were the caretakers of Fort Purbrook and had an apartment in the fort which Brenda visited.

The Who’s rock opera Tommy was being filmed at the fort and Brenda was invited to see the stars.

Actress Ann-Margret lived with the Tremletts. One day Oliver Reed and Keith Moon had been on one of their drunken binges and were in Jack’s home shouting and swearing in front of Dorothy and Ann.

Jack promptly threw the pair out on their ears.