BOB HIND'S NOSTALGIA: True meaning of Christmas

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A pod of dolphins.

NOSTALGIA: Dolphins in Portsmouth Harbour     

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The custom of sending Christmas cards by post began in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole.

He started the Post Office, then called the Public Record Office. With an artist friend, John Horsley, they designed the first cards and sold them for a shilling each (5p).

Card were very religious, as people were in Victorian times, but over the years any scene with snow on it became the norm and many cards published today do not even mention Christmas but use the crass 'festive season’ phrase instead.

Here we see a postcard published by Misch & Co with a Christmas theme. It is from 1906 and delivered to a Miss A. Pursey who then lived at 66, Surrey Street, Landport, Portsmouth.