Bones shaken and stirred on new road to ‘England’

City officials walking the newly 'completed' Eastern Road.
City officials walking the newly 'completed' Eastern Road.
Phil Spaven, Paul Morgan. Ian Whitewood and Roger Glancefield with Paul Morgan's 1940s Willys JEEP    (180082_01)

History re-enactors herald the opening of Second World War film

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The original caption to this photograph claims it shows the opening of Eastern Road, Portsmouth, on May 6, 1942.

All I can say is, heaven help anyone on a bike. Just look at the state of the road’s surface.

Ahead can be seen the new railway bridge over Farlington Junction with Fort Purbrook looking down on proceedings from Portsdown Hill.

The road had been started 20 years previously to give work to the unemployed and to give the city a new connection to the rest of England. The total cost was £312,789.