Bride’s picture shows wedding celebrations from 100 years ago

The wedding of Blanche and Tom Clark(e) about 1910 in ''Portsmouth
The wedding of Blanche and Tom Clark(e) about 1910 in ''Portsmouth
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This splendid wedding picture is believed to have been taken about 1910 in Portsmouth.

The bride is Blanche Clark(e). Her husband was Tom, and their 21 friends and relatives gathered around them have really pushed the boat out for the occasion.

The photograph, approximately a century old, belongs to Ada Brodie, of Queen’s Crescent, Stubbington, who was given it by Mrs Clark.

Ada and her husband Merv were newly-weds when the couple moved in to share Mrs Clark’s house in Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, Portsmouth, in 1969.

Ada said: ‘One day I was rummaging around in the cupboard under her stairs when I found this photograph.

‘Blanche, who was a widow by then, said it was one of her wedding pictures and said I could keep it as she had plenty of others.

‘She was about 80 at that time and she looks about 20 in the picture.

‘I’d love to know more about the family and whether any of their descendants are still in the area.’

A stamp attached to the picture’s mount attributes the photograph to ‘J Long, Photographer, Portsmouth’. And the 1901 census does indeed turn up a photographer called John Long who was working in the city.

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