Button Boys on the march

Leslie Smith's 'Button Boy' march music composed onto CD
Leslie Smith's 'Button Boy' march music composed onto CD

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Last week I wrote about former HMS Ganges junior Les Smith, who had the honour of being Button Boy when HM the Queen visited the establishment in 1961.

Les was later in the volunteer band at HMS Daedalus and Collingwood, playing the cornet.

He became very proficient and has recently written a rousing piece of music called The Button Boy March. May I say it is a devilish piece of marching music fit for any Royal Marine or brass band.

Les wants to sell the CD, with the march plus two other arrangements in aid of the Help the Heroes charity. The sheet music is also available for bands.

You can order a copy from Les on les@shedmanmusic.com.

It is only £3.99 including post & packing.

Play it loud in the car or front room and you will be marching around, I promise you.