Can you help reveal secret story of mystery pictures?

Three-week-old Eric George Charles
Three-week-old Eric George Charles
Jo and Rhys Williams competing in a nighttime navigational competition in East Hampshire

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Eileen Goldberg wonders if any reader knows anything about these four photographs which are all about 80 years old.

She discovered them recently when she moved into a house in Grove Road, Havant, and would like to return them to any relative who might claim them.

Do you recognise this couple on their wedding day in 1920?

Do you recognise this couple on their wedding day in 1920?

The sailor’s cap tally says HMS Victory and written in pencil on the back of the picture is the date, presumably of the wedding, which was May 29, 1920.

The only other clue is the picture of the baby. Written on the back of this one is the name Eric George Charles and his age, three weeks and three days.

Stamped on the bottom right hand corner is ‘Bridge Studio, 6 Bridge Road, Woolston’.

There is nothing to indicate who the two women are – the one in the white or the one sitting in the chair.

However, the woman in the white outfit looks like the bride. She’s wearing a wedding ring, looks as if she might be pregnant, and her attire could be a maternity dress.

If you can shed any light on any of them please get in touch with me via the details on this page.