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Last week I asked if anyone knew of the house at the end of Locksway Road, Milton, Portsmouth which was used by a scrap merchant. As ever, readers came up trumps.

First was Eddie Wallace, who knows more than most about the fire brigade and police force in Portsmouth. Eddie tells me that the house was built by the late Mr Jordan, a scrap dealer who was well-known from the 1920s until the mid-1960s.

He was a canny and astute businessman who deposited a great deal of scrap on waste land at the end of Locksway Road, opposite Furze Lane.

This was once part of the old canal system from Milton to Landport.

Some of the scrap consisted of an old fire engine, a No 6 Leyland-Metz with a turntable ladder used by the old City Police Fire Brigade. Eddie has happy memories of being shot up to its full extension during the Second World War when he was in the brigade.

Mr Jordan apparently owned the land by ‘squatter’s rights’ and fought the council, who lost out.

Mrs Joan Irwin tells me she believes the house was in fact a bungalow with a large fishpond at the front. The place was surrounded by scrap metal. There were two ponies and carts used for collection.

Joan tells me that one day they had fresh rabbit for dinner and her mother sent her to Jordan’s with the skin. She was given the magnificent sum of sixpence for it. Such days eh?