Cheryl redresses balance with girl cadets pictures

Cheryl Carr at the far end of the front row
Cheryl Carr at the far end of the front row
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And now it’s the turn of the girls. Having focused recently on the lads’ cadets corps of HMS Vernon and HMS Victory in the 1950s, Cheryl Jewitt (née Carr) decided it was only fair to show what she and her friends were up to.

She sent me three of the pictures here today from her days with the HMS Excellent girl cadets to redress the balance.

Cheryl says: ‘Of course we didn’t do anything as strenuous as the field gun run, but we would put on our own demonstrations of semaphore and other naval-related displays and we would go to camps at local naval establishments.

‘I really enjoyed my time with the cadets.’

In the picture on the right Cheryl is the tallest girl, the one on the far end of the front row. In the picture immediately below she’s on the far right of the front row. She believes the senior cadet in that picture was a girl called Rose, followed by Loretta Dowie who is in the front on the left.

Her final picture shows her as a senior cadet. She recalls: ‘Unfortunately it was the day after I’d had dental treatment so my face is rather swollen.’