Copnor Road before the bridge was built

Copnor Road, 1911
Copnor Road, 1911
Poppies at Fort Nelson. Picture: David George

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Copnor railway bridge opened in 1908, three years before this picture of Copnor Road, Portsmouth, was taken. It replaced a dangerous level crossing.

The prohibitive cost of land meant it was built at a gradient far too steep for traffic.

Arthur Hooper’s grocery store and post office stood on the north side, on the corner of New Road East, next door to Ernest Smith’s butcher’s shop.

The Swan pub, in the distance on the right, dates from the 1890s though a pub called Duncan’s Head is believed to have served pints on this site from the 1850s.

In keeping with the custom of the time, inquests were often held in the local pub and those at the Duncan’s Head included Copnor’s railway signalman who had been killed in an accident on the nearby track in 1869.