Corporal punishment

The  former St Lukes girls school as it was until 1968

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In 1986 corporal punishment in state schools was banned and what a bother that caused. What would you rather have had, a quick caning for doing something you knew was wrong or detention, maybe for an hour? I know my answer.

It was said in Parliament that caning was not an effective deterrent. Well I don’t know about that. Try having a whack from my former gardening teacher Mr Simpson and you would never, ever put a foot wrong again.

In a Secondary Modern school with over 600 boys, discipline had to be upheld and the odd whack from a teacher was expected by the class at some time during the day.

One of our teachers, a Mr Hungate, would be reading something and catch a wrong-doer in the corner of his eye.

Without stopping and in mid-sentence, he would call out the boy’s name. The boy would come forward and, while still reading from the book, Mr Hungate would take a slipper from his drawer, motion the offender to bend over and let him have one or two whacks with his slipper before waving the boy back to his seat.

He then sat down and continued his reading. No-one mentioned it after or went home to parents complaining. It was all part of growing up and learning how to behave.

How teachers control classes these days I do not know.