Day out on the buses of old

Thanks to Derek Howard we can now locate the position of the Royal Marines Light Infantry bathing pool and, inset, the original picture of the pool. 'Picture: Robert James Collection

NOSTALGIA: Site of marines’ pool at Gosport

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There’s an open day at the City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot, Wicor Farm, Cranleigh Road, Portchester, on Monday, 10.30am-4.30pm. Admission free.

You’ll see vehicles under restoration and those given a new lease of life. There’ll be free bus rides. Only those with disabilities can park at the depot. Others should use a free bus service between Cosham railway station (10.15am and every half-hour until 3.30pm) and Portchester Red Lion (for free main car park).

•Along with Robert Hardy, Hywell Bennett and Richard Gordon we also recently lost Ty Hardin. Who?

I’m a big Western fan and Hardin was compulsive viewing on 1960s’ television as Bronco Layne. Remember the lyrics to the theme music?

I’ll show you a girl who’s kissed him once,

I’ll show you a girl who’s kissed him twice,

Once a girl has kissed him twice he’s dreamin’ of shoes and rice.

Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Hardin is believed to have been married, wait for it, eight times!