Days of petrol rationing
and a licence for wireless

A wartime fuel rationing card
A wartime fuel rationing card
Lt-Cdr Ian Latimer with the stained glass window he made for Haslar Hospital

THIS WEEK IN 1984: Stained glass gift for Haslar Hospital

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Next year is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

We may think that 1914 was a long time ago yet in two years it will be the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

It still amazes me that my grandparents, born in 1898, went through two world wars and in the time I have been alive, 62 years, we have, apart from some serious skirmishes compared to the great battles of the two wars, lived in relatively peaceful times. I just hope my children and grandchildren continue to do so.

Sylvia Turner of Waterlooville is now 83 and lived through some times of turmoil. She was born and bred Portsmouth and has seen the city change beyond recognition since she was a girl.

Last July she lost her husband Fred after 62 years and she is moving. Clearing out the house she asked if I would like a few things from the past which she sent me. Thank you Sylvia and I hope the move goes well.

Part of what she sent were two old editions of the Portsmouth Evening News which contained photographs taken during the blitz which I have never seen before and I publish them here for your interest.

There is also a wireless licence for a pound which let you listen to your favourite radio shows, and a petrol rationing book to allow you to drive your motor, if you could afford one that is. There is also a Ministry of Labour card to register for work and the dreaded call-up.